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Spencer and Rosie Mitchell, Scotland. 30th January 2020

Hi Gervaise, Spencer and I would like to thank you for the fantastic job which you have done to sell our house so quickly. We met at the end of November, 2019, and the money from the sale was in our account by 22nd January 2020. We priced the house at a low price to sell it and you managed to obtain for us 3k euros more by looking after the all legal paperwork within your fee ! Your efficiency, knowledge of all things regarding Spanish property was invaluable. You are honest, 100% reliable, a very nice person, and just the best estate agent that we have ever met (and we’ve met about 20 in the past 52 years). All in all, good job done. Thank you once again. We can now get on with our lives without the worry of an unattended house sitting in Spain.