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Glen & Sarah 31st August 2021

Honest man, with integrity.
Not the usual sentence associated with estate agents, but this is the best way I can describe Gervaise.
He went above and beyond for us during the purchase of our little slice of paradise.
Gervaise is a busy man who will stop everything to answer even the most trivial of questions, even after the sale.
The properties on his lengthy list are exclusive to him, no more chasing properties that some have just copied and pasted onto their own website and therefore have zero knowledge of the property and will just tell you what you want to hear.
He knows his clients well, which ensures he is equipped to answer all queries in a timely fashion.
Nothing is hidden.
I wish I had met Gervaise before have my time wasted by nearly every other 'agent' I contacted.
Thank you Gervaise, you're a lovely man with invaluable knowledge.